DJI M200 industrial drone review

Drone industry has been evolving drastically in recent years. It starts off as a simply hobby uav for boys and men. Until now, many brands have developed an industrial grade drone to serve the commercial crowd. In the drone world, the DJI is undeniably one of the leading drone key player. In February 2017 in Barcelona during the mobile world congress, DJI release a new M200 (Matrice 200 serie) aims at the heavey duty entreprise. This new M200 drone can be used in different situations: from a power line inspection to search and rescue mission to wind turbine inspection.

 You see, this new Matrice 200 serie is equiped with thermal camera, it can be flawn upto 38 minutes with a single charge. This heavey duty drone is also equipped with gimbal which you can use with any camera of your choice. It is built to endure industry grade situation.

Check the video review below on the new M200 Drone

DJI M200 For Sale

At the moment, BuyDroneAircraft does not have this new entreprise drone on stock yet. As soon as it is available on stock, this page will be updated accordingly and you may have a chance to first fly this industry heavy duty drone.